Historic Conference Centres of Europe (HCCE)

The alliance of the Historic Conference Centres of Europe (HCCE) is a network of conference centres located in historic buildings with state-of-the-art convention technology. The marketing strategy focuses on the European market to develop more international business. HCCE is a quality seal and a marketing instrument. The HCCE group enjoys high level of brand awareness, and in only six years has positioned itself as the Rolls Royce of conference centres, boasting a reputation as a quality seal. Conditions of membership are correspondingly strict. Not only are a historic building and a location of cultural interest important, great store is also set by professional management with sales staff committed to providing top-quality service. The HCCE philosophy has always stressed quality. Presently the alliance has 22 centres; within the next years the number of members is likely to increase to 30. These days, everyone with a good overview of the conference tourism business knows that the HCCE is firmly positioned in the quality segment. But we are not sitting back and living off existing awareness of our corporate identity. We are continuing to invest in the brand. The HCCE takes a highly active approach to its marketing, and this is something from which all our members profit – especially those that would otherwise be prevented by limited resources and language barriers from punching their weight in the marketplace. The Mediterranean Conference Centre has been a member of HCCE since 2000.


Malta Philarmonic Orchestra

The National Orchestra was formed on the 1st April 1968 when musicians from the C-in-C Orchestra regrouped as the Manoel Theatre Orchestra, under the baton of Joseph Sammut until 1992 and then Michael Laus until 1997. It performed public concerts and operas and ‘concerts of honour’ for visiting dignitaries. In September 1997 the Manoel Theatre Orchestra became independent and known as the Orkestra Nazzjonali, the national orchestra of Malta, with a policy of inviting guest conductors and performers. It performs symphonic concerts and operas at the Tijatru Manoel, the Mediterranean Conference Centre and elsewhere, including Gozo. It regularly performs state concerts and has also toured abroad.