In an unprecedented event, a company of 37 Maltese dancers assisted by a crew of 15 technical / artistic team presents this Preview at the MCC and then will Premier DANCE RUSH in the heart of San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater close to the Golden Gate Bridge in January 2013 and later travel to 9 major US cities including Chicago, Boston and New York City, followed by Europe, Asia and Australia. 

DANCE RUSH tells the story of a young 12-year old who was orphaned but still believed that coming home will become a reality. Music is the power that brings families, friends, societies and cultures together. “Music is all around us and all one has to do is simply be still and listen.” Symphonies and compositions will attract the living parents back to their beloved son. The boy will through his imagination create 7 characters, the 7 notes of music which will transport him and get him back to his parents – music will range from compositions by John Miles, actual soundtrack from AUGUST RUSH, the movie,  mostly composed by Mark Mancina together with authentic sounds of Maltese born Etnika, Dominic Galea, Red Electrick and DJ Ruby. There shall also be classical hits composed by Vivaldi, Bach and Shostakovich and operatic highlights from Madame Butterfly, La Traviata and Carmen. Included also the music of today by Jennifer Lopez, Michael Buble and the amazing local voice of Chiara singing live. It will certainly be a lavish buffet of music for all tastes. 

Costumes, some new glamorous 600 in total,  by the talented Charles and Ron, visual effects by Peter Howitt, sound by Manolito Galea, lights by Nexos and make-up by Diane Nikolic and Justin Brincat –  DANCE RUSH will astound and amaze.

Direction by Felix Busuttil and choreography by Felix himself,  Justin Roy Barker, Nina Winter, Daron Galea , Elaine Falzon and Vivienne Fielding Refalo with final touches by Tanya Bayona.  

YADA’s past shows – Moulin Rouge, Dirty Dancing, Tango, Phantom, Strait Street, Christus, 25 A Filigree of Dance, Michael Jackson Forever just to mention a few – will escalate in YADA’s DANCE RUSH – in its full energetic force, its colour, its audiences wanting to dance to the music, in its celebration of life, in its spectacle!  


Visiting the American based website or viewing the video on youtube – wording DANCE RUSH MALTA or YADA DANCE COMPANY A JOURNEY– this will give you a glimpse of this great Maltese endeavour.  One can also visit the official YADA Dance Company web-site