“Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what colour we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves: We are the same.” John Denver

Voices concert “Dream a Little Dream” was held on October 3 and 7 and 10 – 14 at the Mediterranean Conference. The concerts boasted a repertoire of renowned hits by the Beatles, Adele, Sting, Katy Perry, Zucchero, Queen, Abba, Alicia Keyes, Pink Floyd as well as tributes to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

The theme of this concert was one centered around the theme of Music being a universal language bringing people together when listening to music and encouraging us to pay more attention to social issues and people in need. It also reminded us that the real purpose of Voices is one that goes beyond that of providing entertainment, it is music for a cause, whereby the musicality goes beyond listening to the notes sung by the choir, but allowing it to move you,

Voices Foundation would like to thank The Vodafone Malta Foundation, for being the lead sponsor for Voices Listen to the Music Concerts.