Naupaca Dance Factory presents “The Death of Snow White; A Tragedy in 7 Days”, a contemporary dance interpretation based on the story of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ as told by the Brothers Grimm, set to take place on 1st December 2012 at Aurora Opera House, Victoria, and on 9th December at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

Once upon a time Time told a story. Time took on the semblance of a young girl, of not more than seven years of age, and called itself Tempastas. It moved under the heavens, over the face of the earth, across the mountains and over the waters, until, one night, it came to a land where the snow fell heavily upon the ground. In a castle, a queen sat at her window, and Tempastas saw that a tragedy was to befall the kingdom. Tempastas felt great pity and said: “Your sufferings shall not last more than seven days.” And on that day the queen gave birth to a child as white as snow. And the child was named Snow White. But Tempastas knew that the redness of the child’s lips and the blackness of the child’s hair would bring the child great misfortune, and Tempastas travelled to all the four corners of the earth, in search of a martyr, a man of great virtue and honour, who could save the poor Snow White from her fate. But the Queen, jealous of Snow White’s beauty, had already summoned to her presence a King’s Son, whose name was Stephanus, and ordered him to lure Snow White into the woods and murder her. Tempastas saw this and despaired, for it knew that all those who venture into the woods must come to great harm. In a solitary house in the depths of the forest lived seven little men, each one as ugly as a sin. Snow White came upon the glen, and on entering it, she found these seven devils and washed and bathed each one of them. Then Tempastas knew that no blessing could be bestowed on the child. Tempastas hid itself amongst the shadows of the earth and looked upon the wretched beings of the kingdom, as they suffered their cursed fate. Hereupon Tempastas thought: “I shall travel the earth and the beyond, and tell of the wonderful and terrible things I have witnessed.” And so begins our tale of woe.

Marise Grech is Snow White. 

Deborah Agius is The Queen. 

Stepan Pechar is The Prince. 

Yana Dimech is The Mirror. 

Denise Buttigieg is Tempastas.

Directed and Choreographed by Joeline Tabone

Production Management by Deborah Agius

Production Design and Costumes by Luke Azzopardi

Script by Maria Theuma

Original Music Score by Lukas Grech

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