Pascal Hulin Productions will be presenting live at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta on 3, 4 and 5 June what has been described as a “new tap dance sensation” and also as being the “best thing that has ever happened to the world of tap”: Tap Reloaded 2.

Just when you thought that a dance show does not get better than Pascal‘s previous world wide success Tap Reloaded, Pascal has managed to come up with something even bigger and better, Tap Reloaded 2, with even more incredible acts from around the world as well as a Live Band from the USA whose musicians tap while they play!
Following the huge success of Tap Reloaded last year selling over 300,000 tickets in theatres all over Europe, Asia and the USA, Pascal Hulin (pictured) has managed to come up with yet another block buster dance show which is currently touring all over Europe this spring.

With world famous soloists like Chloe Arnold, Freddy Corado and the 2010 World Champion Tap Dance Company, The Nancy Chippendales from the USA as well as a live band, Pascal has managed to make his best dance show ever, even better!

Tap Reloaded 2, together with its cast of internationally-acclaimed tap dancers and live band from the USA, are taking the world of dance entertainment by storm filling up some of the largest and prestigious of theatres and arenas world wide and attracting millions from all corners of the globe.

Tap Reloaded 2 has a cast of 39 artists from the USA, Central America, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and Ukraine plus a live band all the way from the USA.

Tap Reloaded is an explosive, humorous family variety show which combines international world class tap dance acts, acrobatics, comedy and entertainment at the highest level. A show for all the family!

There is no comparable show to date! Tickets can be purchased from The Mediterranean Conference Centre or The Manoel Theatre, Valletta. Box office opening hours for both The MCC and The Manoel Theatre are from 10am to 1pm and from 5 to 7pm Monday to Fridays, and from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays