The Legendary orchestra of the State Capella in St Petersburg is returning to Malta for 2 concerts of symphonic Music. On Saturday the 15th June world famous soloists Julian Milkis and Haik Kazazian shall join the Capella under the direction of its principal conductor Alexandr Chernushenko for a programme of popular Classics. Tchaikovsky, Rimsky Korsakov, Shor and the Gilliland Jazz concerto are sure to arouse the interest of countless music lovers. Tchaikovsy and Rimsky Korsakov have done much to popularize Russian music in the west. Both have a unique Russian flavour while simultaneously forming part of the western tradition of great composers. Shor and Gilliland are gaining popularity lately. They are composers who bridge the gap between the high-brow world of classical music with that of the more popular kind.