Naupaca Dance Factory presents DIVINA, a contemporary dance adaptation based on Dante’s La Divina Commedia.  Naupaca is celebrating ten years since its foundation with its eigth large-scale production.

DIVINA is composed of three acts, namely Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso, and will be narrated through dance, poetry, song and music. Original music score and text contributes to a multi-disciplinry approach to Naupaca’s collaboration with various local and international artists.

Mirroring Dante’s descent in hell and subsequent ascension to purgatory and heaven, Naupaca seeks to take its audience through a self-revelatory journey towards salvation. The variation will plunge audiences in the midst of truths and meanings, and present it with the entanglements and wordiness of the poem and all its effectiveness.

Main Characters
Dante – Sergey Kheylik (RU)
Virgil – Francesco Mariottini (IT)
Beatrice – Deborah Agius (MT)
Production – Naupaca Dance Factory
Direction & Choreography – Joeline Tabone
Production Management – Deborah Agius
Concept & Text – Maria Theuma
Video & Graphic design – Philip Sultana
Public Relations & Marketing – Vivienne Bajada
Set Design – Adrian Abela
Costume Design – Matthew Pandolfino
Acting Coach – Rob Ricards
Divina Diaries – Maureen Saguna

Music Score (Inferno):
Composition – Mario Sammut
Live Percussionist – Dru Mayer

Music Score (Purgatorio Terraces):
Composition: Melissa Portelli, Danny Magro & Ismael Azzopardi
Live Singing: Melissa Portelli

Music Score (Purgatorio Prologue & Earthly Paradise):
Composition – Mario Sammut

Music Score (Paradiso):
Composition – Denise Buttigieg
Music arrangement – Mark Gauci

Music Score (Ending):
Composition – Mario Sammut