The Dance Workshop will be presenting its 18th annual production – “Designed by Dance”.  The concept behind this year’s performance will be inventions – with the main focus being to encourage students to research about great developments of machinery and gadgets which many today take for granted.  A new children’s ballet is being created especially for this performance, bringing to life the adventures of Dora – a popular TV character.  This one act ballet, which is created by Theresa Lungaro-Mifsud, will have original choreography, costumes and scenery.

 The second half of the programme is a showcase of the senior dance students from The Dance Workshop, with choreographers basing their work on various great inventions such as the telephone, the camera and the typewriter as an inspiration to the choreography.  The resident choreographers include amongst others, Douglas Comley, Kostas Papamatthaiakis and Jade Farrugia (Contemporary Dance), Pamela Kerr and Francesca Bartolo (Classical Ballet), Diane Portelli and Claire Cassola (Modern Dance), Sue Vassallo (Hip Hop) and Bettina von Brockdorff (Flamenco).