About the music

Mariella Cassar wrote her orchestral work January as a tribute to her composition teacher Charles Camilleri.

The Brahms violin concerto puts Brahms (as do his second piano concerto and double concerto) on a level with the other giant of the 19 th Century ,Wagner. Wagner reformed opera and took it to its highest peak. Brahms took the genres we associate with pure music to their highest peak- Chamber music, the Symphony and the Concerto. These two composers created an epoch and changed  the course of Music History with their influence on subsequent composers. Mahler,Zemlinsky, R Strauss and Shoenberg were indebted musically  to one or both of them.

The inspiration for his first symphony took place on the  German island of Rugen where Brahms was on holiday. This work is permeated with textures and sonorities reminiscent of  sea waves.

Fedor Rudin is one of the violin stars of the younger generation. He performs regularly with world class orchestras, is a first prize winner of various prestigious competitions and  is a dedicated chamber musican.  Fedor plays the Paganini D’Annunzio Stradivarius violin of  1680. Alexei Galea Cavallazzi is one of Malta’s finest musicians. He has been awarded the union federation medal by the Russian parliament for his contribution to culture.