As extracted from the shows program: The concerts of the State Police Band summarize various experiences that illustrate the path of wind music through the history of music and costume.

Every band, at least in the large institutions of civilized countries, has always cultivated an informative intent, with a social purpose: to combine pleasure with an educational component, to sensitize a large audience to music and strengthen the principles of harmony with it, of harmony and order. All orientations also followed by the State Police Band, which maintains both the elaborations and the original compositions for Band. A way to revive tradition and at the same time contact the news.

Established in 1928 under the guidance of maestro Giulio Andrea Marchesini, the State Police Music Band has carried out a continuous and intense concert activity in Italy and abroad in the most prestigious theaters, representing the State Police with great importance. Composed of 105 elements, in addition to winds and percussion, it includes the piano and guitar. The high artistic profile of her interpretations and the quality of the programs offered make her one of the best international wind orchestras.

The collaborations with prestigious musical institutions such as the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, the municipal of Florence and excellent world famous artists such as Mariella Devia, Leon Bates, Vincenzo La Scola, are an eloquent testimony of this. Fiorenza Cedolins, Cheryl Porter, Steven Mead. Great interest and considerable prestige have aroused the international performances in Jerusalem, New York, Essen, Mexico and Oslo in which the Band has represented Italy with great importance. Today the Band celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Italo-Maltese Cultural Agreement and the celebration of the Maltese Police with a concert and ceremony in the capital Valletta.

Concerts with the choir are of great importance, a stimulating initiative that brings the Flemish heritage back to life, especially the memory of the exciting symphonies and concerts of the sixteenth-century Venetian school. Under the direction of maestro Maurizio Billi, the ensemble has always provided significant signs of modernity over time with a constantly updated choice of pieces and the presence of musical pages that go beyond the traditional repertoire, making it one of the most complete and representative. The undisputed quality of his interpretations, even in the most demanding performances, is testified by recordings that have obtained unanimous approval. In the context of record production, the CD with original pieces for wind instruments selected at the Corciano International Composition Competition is significant.

On Wednesday 11th July 2007 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, the Concert of the Italian State Police Band was held to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Cultural Agreement between Italy and Malta (1967 – 2007). The memorable concert that the Banda Musicale della Polizia Di Stato organised at the MCC was the best indication that the new cultural agreement between Malta and Italy was the same success of the concert by the Banda Musicale Della Poizia Di Stato, conducted by Maestro Maurizio Billi on Wednesday, 11 July. The agreement was signed by

Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Professor Amintore Fanfani, who also served as Prime Minister of Italy on various occasions, and by Dr Gorg Borg Olivier, Prime Minister of Malta and Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.