The Embassy of Spain in Malta in collaboration with the Mediterranean Conference Centre present the BALLET CARMEN by the Spanish ballet corps of the Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana at the MCC on the 4th June 2010. This performance will mark the end of the six-month Spanish presidency of the EU. 

The Story of Carmen

The story is set in Seville, Spain, in 1830. Carmen, a beautiful gypsy with a fiery temper, is the object of desire of many men, who try to woo her outside the cigarette factory where she works. Free, independent, and mistress of all her decisions, she begins to seduce the corporal Don José, an inexperienced soldier. Meanwhile, Don José’s mother sends young Micaela with a letter, pleading him to return home and marry this girl. Micaela is embarrassed and leaves, but Don José declares his fidelity and love to her. Soon after, Carmen gets into a fight and is arrested for injuring another woman and Don José is given the task of guarding her. She charms him into untying her and tries to escape, but she does not succeed. Don José is punished for his mistake with a demotion of rank and a jail sentence.

At Lilas Pastia’s Inn, Carmen and her friends, Mercedes and Frasquita, are socializing with several soldiers, when the victorious bullfighter, Escamillo, arrives with a celebrating entourage. Escamillo flirts with Carmen, but she only has eyes for Don José. When two smugglers, Dancaire and Remendado, tell the girls of their load of contraband, Carmen refuses to help them, as she is in love with Don José, who is just out of jail. Carmen tries to persuade him to leave the army and live the gypsy life with her instead. At first Don José resists the temptation to desert, but eventually both he and Carmen join the gang of smugglers, hiding out in the mountains.

Before long, Don José begins to reminisce about his former life and starts missing it dearly. Carmen tires of him and taunts him to leave. Don José is overcome by jealousy when Carmen turns her affections from him to the bullfighter, Escamillo. Out of control and enraged with jealousy, Don José stabs Carmen in the heart, causing her death. Carmen’s calm acceptance of her fate shows her inner security, strength of temperament, and beauty.