Starting as a simple ten-piece band, the Band Brothers Big is today composed similarly to a traditional big band, with a four-piece rhythm section, four trumpets, four trombones, four saxophones, and one singer – seventeen musicians in costume. But the Big Band Brothers are definitely not their traditional big band.

Since its inception, the band has tried to do things right – it has maintained a firm commitment to having a good time. Band performances and good performances on stage are born out of the collective desire to have fun playing and making music. Thus, even though the band’s performances are musically serious, the band seeks to enjoy the same performance using each event as an opportunity for each musician to let their hair down and show off their talents. The result is performances that are as musical as they are entertaining at the same time.

The Big Band Brother have so far performed live on local stages and on television and for Portugal, Sicily, London, Liverpool and Istanbul. This summer the Big Band Brothers have provided the musical backdrop in the Anon Theater production of ‘Ospizio’ as part of the Malta Arts Festival.

Now the Big Brothers band are thinking big and will perform at the Mediterranean Conference Center on November 6, 2010 in concert ‘A One Night Stand with The Brothers Big Band’. This will be the band’s biggest show to date and will be bringing the sound of the big band to a new audience.

The show will feature a series of songs modified by the Big Band Brothers, including popular songs never previously performed by a band. However, as always, it is the contagious energy of the Big Band Brothers and compelling exuberance that will be the main attraction of the event.

Feature of event: