A concert by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, under the artistic direction of Maestro Brian Schembri.  

This year, Malta celebrates a very important milestone in its rich cinematic history.  Malta’s 90 year legacy as a film location is best summed using the unsurprising moniker, coined by a CNN journalist in 1999, of being “A Hollywood in the Mediterranean”. Despite its diminutive size, over the past 90 years, Malta’s natural landscape, architectural heritage and purpose-built film facilities allowed it to double for a wide variety of locations across multiple periods and settings, making Malta known as an incredibly versatile location.

To date Malta has welcomed over 350 foreign productions. The commemorate Malta’s achievement of the film industry, the Malta Film Commission will be organising a concert on Friday 25th & Saturday 26th September. The audience will have the opportunity to hear, feel and be able to experience the soundtracks of some of the greatest films shot in Malta. 

The thought behind this project is also to celebrate the lives of film industry veterans and to remember and thank those who outstandingly contributed to the film industry. This unique pairing of the National Orchestra with well-known soundtrack movies which throughout the years were filmed in Malta guarantees broad audiences of music lovers, screen tourism and films fans alike. Soundtrack music is a new art from and a completely unique orchestral experience. As the look and sound of movies has evolved in the 21st century, so have the impactful, highly emotional, original symphonic score that accompany movies.