‘Notti Italiane a Malta’ – Truly a first for Malta! A lifetime experience spread over two nights on the 12th & 13th of December 2016. A fantastic evening featuring 7 Italian artists on each night, who paved the way for what Italian music is today!

‘Notti italiane a Malta’ – presented by Italian artist and TV personality Enzo Ghinazzi, known world-wide as Pupo.

Monday & Tuesday 12th & 13th December with the appearance of:

– Aleandro Baldi

– Christian

– Eduardo Vianello

– Homo Sapiens

– Iva Zanicchi

– Marco Morandi (in Rino Geatano)

– Donatella Rettore

– Wilma Goich

– Ivana Spagna

– Cugini di Campagna

– Rosanna Fratello

– Fiordaliso

– Fausto Leali

– Tony Dallara

Pamper yourself this festive season and enjoy some of the best Italy has to offer, right here at the MCC Valletta. Two nights with nothing but the better of good music and lights, where memories come alive.