The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest has come again to Malta. This prestigious international event, viewed by almost three million viewers around Europe will be broadcast live from the Mediterranean Conference Centre on Sunday 20th November 2016. The JESC 2016 will feature young talent from 17 different countries together with the winner of the JESC 2015 – Destiny. This year, PBS is introducing a new concept in transmission with the aim of enabling the audience to participate and interact with different experiences throughout the show.

The audiences will be spread throughout the Mediterranean Conference Centre and, at any one point, will be centre stage in the production. The Standing Audience in the Green Room will participate in the Red Carpet pre-show and warm-up, as well as have an up-close and personal view of a Red Carpet Experience – live, camera, action! The Green Room will also have satellite stages which will feature separate acts. These will be relayed into the main Auditorium.

Meanwhile the performances in the main auditorium will be featured to the Green Room where, the Standing Audience will be able to cheer on the participants. The main Auditorium will also have space for a standing Audience in front of the main Stage. Big screens will link the different parts of the MCC so the audiences will also be able to communicate with each other to make one big audience.